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We help people grow


We help people grow

Outstanding tech people, amazing HR folks or savvy marketeers - we all know that the backbone of successful companies are great people.

And everyone who’s ever had a role to fill just knows how incredibly hard it is to find them. And once they’re there - to keep them. Especially now in our “new hybrid/remote world” where changing jobs is just one click away. And where Gen Y & Z bring a new view to the table with regards to how management & professional development should look like.

We believe that one integral building block of making people want to join a company and stay there is to allow them to grow. To help them develop their skills and give them exciting new challenges, so they stay with you and don’t move on to the next adventure. And we believe that this is now even more important than ever.

Great people need great development opportunities.

How to do that? Well, it all starts with feedback. Sounds easy? Yeah, it should really be easy. But somehow, it isn’t.

When was the last time you sat down with your manager or team member for a feedback conversation?

Chances are, it’s about six to twelve months ago. Because in a typical company “review cycles” with structured feedback only happen once or twice a year.

But you surely got feedback in between. Right?

Timely, constructive, well-thought out feedback that you were able to work with? To build on something you did well or grow a skill you weren’t that good at, yet? Unfortunately, chances are that you didn’t. Or that it wasn’t often enough. Or that it wasn’t specific enough for you to actually do something with it.

And did anyone remember to take notes about it to remember it when that dreaded next review cycle came along?

performance management is important for reviews and feedback

Infrequent & biased feedback is the problem.

We’re sure you know how this usually goes (because we’ve seen this at almost every company we’ve ever worked at):

(Bi-)annual review cycle coming up. Anyone looking forward to it? Nope. Preparations for it just take up so much time. It completely pulls you out of your workflow. And it’s so hard to actually remember specific things that happened more than a couple of weeks ago. So giving valuable feedback about the last six to twelve months - almost impossible (by the way, that’s called “recency bias” and yes, we all have this bias).

The feedback conversation happens. If you’re lucky, you have a good manager. Someone who takes the time and puts effort into this. And actually has the skills to do it. Who makes feedback actionable and gives you food for thought on how to grow instead of just platitudes. But: Some of us are not that lucky. And then? Well, so far: tough luck.

And then, back to work. Believe it or not, we have heard stories about how next steps people agreed upon in their review conversations were discussed once more… in their next review session one year later. We’ll just leave it at that.

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry. We’ve got this.

We help people grow. And help keep everyone happy and motivated. With continuous and actionable feedback. That lives right where you actually work - in your company chat. No friction, no hassle.

Quick, easy & fair. A daily dose of micro-feedback, automatically debiased and calibrated. As anonymous as you want it to be. Paired with individual development recommendations, available at all times with a push of a button.

With up.lftd, everyone wins

Employees can finally get frequent, timely and fair 360° feedback with individually tailored development recommendations.

Managers can hold objective, well-prepared feedback conversations at all times, without having to spend endless hours preparing for them.

And as a company you can finally make sure that all of your talents receive the same quality for feedback and reviews with a focus on development. And all that while saving time and money.

We’re just like an additional team member for you: We take care of everything regarding feedback and people development that takes up a lot of time and effort. So that you can finally concentrate on what’s really important: Having good and action-oriented conversations with each other - whenever they make sense, and not just once or twice a year.

Sounds interesting? Stay tuned for more insights and get in touch for a product demo!

Let’s help people grow.


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