Everyone deserves great feedback!

Let’s build a new era of feedback & development together.

Antonia Wälzholz

Antonia Wälzholz
Co-Founder & CEO

Klaus Großmann

Klaus Großmann
Co-Founder & CTO

Mario ten Venne

Mario ten Venne
Psychologist in Residence


Located in Berlin.
At home in the world.

We are located in Europe’s startup capital - and welcome great people from around the world to work with us. Either in the office, remote or a bit of both worlds. We’ll find a way that works for everyone.

We believe that everyone deserves great feedback!

And that’s why we built up.lftd for you.

In our many years of work experience as both people managers and employees we’ve seen first hand what a bad feedback culture can do to people: It demotivates. It is unfair. It doesn’t help anyone grow. It promotes bias and stands in the way of diversity.

After years of seeing this in our daily job we knew: We have to do better. We need to create a system that is fair, that motivates. That is development-centered and offers equal opportunities for everyone - regardless of the manager and regardless of one’s personality, gender, background and hours worked. With a constructive feedback culture and transparent expectations at the heart of it.

That’s why we built up.lftd. You’re great on your own. Now let’s be excellent together.


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